Melrose Reads Logo

Bonnie Clapp, Manjula Karamcheti, Leila Migliorelli, and Lisa Lewis came up with an idea to create a community program, called Melrose Reads.

The Melrose Community-Wide Book Read program is designed to encourage Melrose residents to have a shared experience of reading the same book and participating in workshops, discussions, and cultural events related to that book.

They asked me to create a logo to help promote community education and engagement through a shared experience of literacy. I wanted the logo to signify diverse voices coming together for reading which is represented with spirited primary colors that intersect in the middle with an illustration of a book.

“ It looks amazing! Thank you for all your time and effort. I am happy that this is something you are proud of as well – it was so important to us to showcase your extraordinary work and generosity in a way that you felt was truly you.

-Bonnie Clapp

If you are in Melrose or in the North Shore community, join the program and learn more details here: