About Bo

Bo makes meaningful interactions into kinetic creative.

For 14 years, Bo has worked and collaborated with startups, agencies, luxury brands, think tanks and big idea people. She’s provided clients with a wide range of services including site and mobile app design, branding and print. Bo’s humble beginnings came from boutique design and advertising shops in the wilds of San Francisco. She’s honed her design and user experience skills with tech-minded brands and landed in Boston as an independent creative. She’s an imaginative thinker and designer at heart and has many distractions like organizing her fonts by mood, nerding out over thriller movies, bedroom DJing, sewing and other incredibly impressive things.










Latest News& Musings

Highlights of new work, projects and random thoughts about design and creativity.

Dreaming of 2046 Mix

Dreaming of 2046The vibe right now. Trying to channel what I’ve been feeling after an 18 month lockdown and…

Dream of No Hate Fundraiser

Dreaming of a world of no hateI’m so excited to share that I was written up in the local Melrose paper about my…

Stop Asian Hate

Hero cover photo is by Keiko Hiromi from the 3/13 Stop Asian Hate Rally in Boston Stop Asian HateI’m heartbroken and…

Lasagna Love

The Kelly Clarkson Show spotlights Lasagna LoveI’m so excited to share that Lasagna Love was apart of the…


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Bo is available for freelance and contract work. If you want to see her latest work or have a project or idea that you’re flirting with and want to run it by her, please shoot Bo a note. Let’s talk & find a fit.

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