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Bo Tsang DiMatteo is a kinetic art director and UX/UI designer with 14 years of experience, providing clients with a wide range of services including site design, mobile app design, online advertising, branding and interactive design. She works and collaborates with agencies, start-ups, luxury brands, think tanks and big idea people. Previously, her designs have been mentioned in Advertising Age and nominated for a Webby Award.

Bo Tsang’s humble beginnings came from boutique design and advertising shops in the wilds of San Francisco. She’s honed her design and user experience skills with various start-ups and landed in Boston to lead the Tremor Video Product Design UX and Design team. She’s a creative thinker and designer at heart and has many distractions like organizing her fonts by mood, nerding out over thriller movies, bedroom DJing, sewing and other incredibly impressive things.


The heart of user experience is problem solving and Bo is always expanding her arsenal of skills to create inventive solutions. Check out the list of skills below to get a general idea of what she’s capable of offering and delivering. And make sure to explore her portfolio for proof of awesomeness.

    • Music
    • Marketing
    • Product Design
    • Start-ups
    • Advertising


    • Flash
    • Wordpress
    • HTML and CSS


    • Balsamiq
    • Axure RP
    • Wireframing
    • Content Strategy
    • User Interface Design


    • Web Design
    • Mobile Apps
    • Online Ads


    • Branding
    • Print
    • Illustration
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator


    • Art Direction
    • Concepting



  • All
  • branding
  • web
  • interactive
  • print
  • identity
  • mobile
  • advertising