Project Overview

Deep Link Registry is a central database for mobile app developers to find deep links and to generate code to put in their apps. It’s like Github or IMBD for mobile deep links.

Method/Approach & Design Artifacts

The distillation of interviews and research the CEO and CTO had done was to create an intuitive and informative tool for the mobile developers and growth managers. The main features that we prioritized were:

    1. Design a simple interface to
  • search through over indexed 200,000 apps
  • allow for each sign-up and set-up
  • ease of use to contribute user-generated code to the database

2. Allow for easy download of the SDK to manage deep linking

3. Analytics to monitor traffic to the page and metrics of deep linking

After prioritizing the features, I did a competitive analysis of other public web directories that were direct or indirect competitors of the space on logos, branding, and user experience in contributing content to their sites.

Wireframes were created and validated by the CEO and CTO to ensure that the user experience was simple and followed a logical user journey when discovering mobile apps, monitor a user’s mobile app profile pages, and finding the right info needed to add deep links to their own apps.




I created a logo and color palette that would stand out in the mobile deep linking space. The logo mark was also reused to as an icon that accompanied “Deep Link” call-to-actions.

Based on the validated wireframes, I designed the UI to be really clean, sparse and used visual markers for different categories of content.