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Branding concepts for Zenith Billboards, an outdoor advertising company, that provides maximum exposure and bold brand awareness for advertisers.

August 28, 2018 – Logo & Biz Card Round 4

I really like the first card. After talking to my boyfriend, can you write in “Andy & Kailani” instead of using two different cards with our own names on it. Also, can I see the icons (phone, email, and instagram) in different colors? Just to have options. Otherwise we really love it!!

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August 27, 2018 – Logo & Biz Card Round 3

Brand Image 2A is the one! We love it

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August 25, 2018 – Logo Round 2

I think we decided the second concept was our favorite. My only suggestion would be, can I see it with our original font for “Zenith Billboards”
I really like the sky concept because I feel like it could really symbolize our company. And I love the color as well

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August 20, 2018 – Logo Round 1

These concepts show the logo against a mood image, full color logo, logo reversed out in white and in black and color palette. All these logos can be distilled into a main icon or shape so that it would still be distinguishable as a small square mark. The colors in the palette include primary and accent colors. Fonts are suggested for each concept.


Logo Concept 1

Move Above

This concept is based off of the original logo you shared with me. Silver South Script font is the main logo with Josefin Sans as it’s complement. The logo is encased in a star burst, like a sun that is directly above observers. Colors are a gold based palette that makes your brand feel high-touch.

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Logo Concept 2

Pinnacle of Exposure

This is an inkblot with a very modern and abstract mark of a “z” with a period. It’s like a seal or Zenith’s signature stamp.
Bright blues give it a sense of vastness and that the sky is the limit with the brand awareness that you’ll provide. The accent of purple denotes power and is Pantone color of the year (which makes this color, on-trend). Moon is a friendly rounded font with Lato that is more narrow san serif font.

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Logo Concept 3

Reach Peak Recognition
The definition of Zenith is the driver of this concept. It’s a very stylized mountain peak with the gradient red/pink color to show a sun rise. “Zenith” is stamped into the sky and there’s a lightning bolt that is coming out of the “I”. The colors are more vibrate and bright to play against the simple lines of the logo. Avenir and Nunito Sans are very classic and clean fonts.
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Logo Concept 4

Queen/King of Awareness
Three spotlight beams centered into one spot is the main concept with this logo. The beams also create a crown shape, which imply being the queen or king of outdoor advertising. The royal blues of the color palette extends this metaphor. A wide, Raleway, and narrow, Oswald, fonts will lend itself to flexibility in marketing materials.
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Logo Concept 5

High-Definition Focus
The main graphic is an abstraction of an aperture of a lens that exudes focus. The bold and bright colors, like the yellow and green show a more cheerful side of Zenith. The font is Lombok, a very futuristic and modern typeface.
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Logo Concept 6

Rise to the Opportunity
The hexagon shape is a modernized spotlight with a lens aperture graphic above the logo type. The color palette is more refined and muted with the blue-greens and blue greys. Quicksand (one of my top fave fonts) complement the Silver South Script font.
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