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Branding concepts for WorkLife, based in Melrose, is a company that provides shared workspace outside of their home offices, a sense of community and access to additional amenities such as childcare and a gym membership.


March 24, 2020 – Logo Round 1

These concepts show the logo against a mood image, full color logo, logo reversed out in white and in black and color palette. All these logos can be distilled into a main icon or shape so that it would still be distinguishable as a small square mark. The colors in the palette include primary and accent colors. The suggested typefaces include a primary typeface for headlines and secondary typefaces is best utilized for body copy and for websites and apps.


Logo Concept 1

The drawing of a lotus leaf is an abstract “W” letter and symbolize balance and zen. The color palette is bright and vibrant to show the energy of the Melrose community. 

View Logo Concept 1



Logo Concept 2

The mid-century modern typeface compliments the art deco and bohemian style of illustration above the name. The illustration is to show a roof or a structure to mean that Work Life is your work-home away from home. The color palette has a pop of gold and the rest of it is a bit more muted to contrast with the uber modern logotype to signify reliability and trustworthiness. 

View Logo Concept 2



Logo Concept 3

This logo has a more bohemian and retro feel that shows the yin and yang of work and life. The logotype is elegant yet playful mid-century modern font with the ligatures. There’s a vintage feel of the colors but is still professional.

View Logo Concept 3



Logo Concept 4

This logo is more professional looking in both typeface and presentation. The slash signifies balance between work and life/health. It’s fierce and cool, with no frills or stress.

View Logo Concept 4



Logo Concept 5

This logo is also a play with the slash but in a more playful and energetic way. It’s like how worklife is one word and mark. The color palette is muted to contrast with the fun nature of the logo.

View Logo Concept 5