The Kelly Clarkson Show spotlights Lasagna Love

I’m so excited to share that Lasagna Love was apart of the @kellyclarksonshow #RadHumanHour last week!

Founded by Rhiannon Menn, Lasagna Love was started at the beginning of the pandemic, to  to help moms in the community with homemade lasagnas. Now, there are thousands of people all cooking and delivering meals to families in their communities.

My little junior chefs look forward to it every week and it’s teaching them a love for cooking and connecting with other people.

When I was laid off from my job early last year, I felt the need to do SOMETHING and really wanted to reach out to others in my community to help ease the struggles of other families who may have a difficult time putting food on the table. Giving money wasn’t enough and Lasagna Love created a way to do something so simple, by making a homemade lasagna from the heart.

I’m honored that I appear on the show for a hot second to show off a lasagna that I made!

Lasagna Love is not only there to help address the incredible rise in food insecurity among families, but also to provide a simple act of love and kindness during a time full of uncertainty and stress. If you want to be a part of the Lasagna Love movement or would like to nominate a family to receive a lasagna, please visit their site. 

I express and spread my love with food. Since we started to be a part of the lasagna love movement, I treasure and love this special time with my kids to cook together.