I’m tortellini in love with pasta and design, so I feel so lucky to have both worlds merge. One of the projects that finished up earlier this year a couple of branding projects for Seven Hills Pasta, based in Melrose. The handcrafted pasta company is headed up by wife and husband, Carol and Giulio Caperchi, who take enormous pride in bringing Italian tradition and modernizing it with American heritage and culture into their pasta creation. We wanted to highlight this even further with various branding projects, like shirt and cap designs and pasta sauce, a tomato puree that is a pure accompaniment to their pastas.


Pasta Sauce

I extended Seven Hills Pasta brand packaging to their pasta sauce, but utilizing their strong green rolling hills graphic. It really stands out on store mshelves with the green and white of the label and the vibrant red of the sauce.


Some swag designs

Gluten Full front of shirt

Back of shirt

Made in Mass, not Mass Made: front of shirt

Baseball cap

Currently, Seven Hills Pasta Company creates their artisanal pasta and pasta sauce magic in their pasta kitchen in Melrose. Find their pastas and other Italian culinary creations at the local Farmer’s Market in Melrose and Worcester, and local grocery story. For more info, check them out at https://www.sevenhillspasta.com