Project Overview

Branding concepts for Edible Ventures Group, a Food and Beverage Angel Group investing into early stage high growth consumer packaged goods brands.


Method/Approach & Design Artifacts

Initially, I did some competitive research of other angel funding groups. Generally, the logos were very dark blue or orange/yellows that were usually a logotype.

My approach with the design direction were:

  1. Used a brighter blue and grey palette
  2. Focused on food/beverage iconography or modern and abstraction of angels, like the wings.
  3. Experiment with abbreviation of the company and name fully spelled out

After prioritizing the features, I did a competitive analysis of other public web directories that were direct or indirect competitors of the space on logos, branding, and user experience in contributing content to their sites.

Wireframes were created and validated by the CEO and CTO to ensure that the user experience was simple and followed a logical user journey when discovering mobile apps, monitor a user’s mobile app profile pages, and finding the right info needed to add deep links to their own apps.

I brainstormed and sketched a wide range logos and logotypes. After settling on my top 12 out of 50, I illustrated it on the computer. The final concepts mostly fell into 3 different categories: an iconic food item with illustrated wings, fork, knife and or spoon, and folded origami napkin in a heart or wings.



After extensive redesigns, the logo evolved into this. The bright blues of the palette really made the logo stand out and makes it fresh and modern. The spoon gives a sense of openness and serving and giving. It’s complemented with the stylized wings to give movement of taking off.