branding / identity / print / mobile

Geniegoods is a destination for shoppers to discover unique local goods particular to cities they are interested in. Genies around the world find these goods and send these goods, so users can get anything from anywhere. They wanted a trend-setting brand that permeates all the design elements, like logo, website, mobile app and business cards.


The logo is a folded heart that has an abstraction of a genie smoke tail that hints at a goods that are found with love and a genie who can grant wishes.  The design of each city spotlights a genie and unusual landmark with a unique photographic treatment. The mobile app highlights the goods and is organized by type that makes the discovery endlessly engaging.


The overarching branding and design is pictorially exciting and worldly with a clean and sophisticated look, but not snobby. Each location really places the city and the genie as the hero.