web / interactive / branding

Andreas Knoefel, the brainchild behind CutMyC02, wanted to get the word out about his social non-profit venture to collect carbon credits donations, sell them in the open market, and use the proceeds to fund green technology upgrades for low income families in the community.


My approach was to highlight the three major players for CutMyC02, the donors of carbon credits, the people who make up CutMyC02 and their partners. These players are represented in the logo and is used as a visual element to tie the players together. The logo shapes are reminiscent of a flowering seed with a stem that strings together the complementary images and descriptions within the website. All throughout the responsive website, there are power calls-to-action to get users to donate, offset their carbon footprint or get involved in the CutMyC02 Community.


Concepting, Branding, Wireframing, UX, Design and Art Direction