Out in the Wild

It made my day to see my design “out in the wild” and on the backs of cars around the city.


One Heart Melrose

Every since my family moved to Melrose, I have felt that the city welcomed us with open arms. When the Melrose Human Rights Commission and the City of Melrose held a contest to redesign the logo, I jumped at the opportunity to show my love and pride for Melrose. I was moved to create a symbol that encapsulates the city’s sense of love and community. I wanted to send a clear message that Melrose is welcoming and that we rise up for equality with One Heart Melrose.

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Pickaxe Consulting Branding

David Arslanian, a seasoned entrepreneur and executive, came to me to help him with his brand for his new company. Pickaxe Consulting focuses on his core strengths of organization development, fundraising and initial market development for start-ups, strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

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Sally Frank’s Melrose Farmers’ Market Brochure

I created a brochure for the Sally Frank’s Melrose Farmers’ Market to boost sponsorships and gain awareness for one of the longest running farmers’ market in Massachusetts.

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Geometric Fishies


Stars and geometric fishes are aligned in this new painting.


Have you ever retired a human by mistake?


Latest addition to T’s room, the Bladerunner origami unicorn.

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Case Study: Edible Ventures Group Logo

Project Overview

Branding concepts for Edible Ventures Group, a Food and Beverage Angel Group investing into early stage high growth consumer packaged goods brands.

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On May 19, 2016, I started the #100dayproject, invented by Elle Luna & The Great Discontent. I want to challenge myself to take notice of the enormous and tiny things that happen every day and document it with a photo. Hopefully, in my 100 day journey, I’ll be a better photographer and storyteller.

Periodically, I’ll check in with an update. Follow my progress on Instagram at or hashtag at #100daysofBoTsang

Let’s kick if off with cake!

Happy bday K! 🍰 Let’s start out #the100daysofbotsang with cake. 001/100

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Jeffrey Ryan Law


Jeffrey Ryan reached out to me to help him create a blog for his law business. Back in 2010, I designed and built Jeffrey Ryan’s corporate website. Just recently, he wanted a blog that complemented his site and provided a platform for him to spread the good work he was doing and raise his image in the marketplace. Due to the State Bar of California Ethics Opinion, blogs that are inside of websites are considered advertising, so the blog had to exist on it’s own and be separated from his corporate site.

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5 in 5 Years

I’m obsessed with time travel – in movies, books, art..the list goes on. There is something historical and magical about time lapse or time series photography. I love seeing the beauty in a span of time, and yet a feeling of final (eventual) inevitability captured in one photo.

Playing off of this idea, starting with the first year of getting married, we have taken a portrait on each anniversary. Here are the first 5 for the first 5 years.

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